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My enthusiasm for film and production started on YouTube. I marveled at the ability to make videos and easily connect with others around the world by sharing my life and experiences. The thread of video making and storytelling continued and led me to work in various positions relating to social media, journalism, production, and video editing. 

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   From my first YouTube videos to finishing film school overseas, I have always strived to educate and connect through storytelling. I am still making video content, but am starting to expand into other mediums too. I've worked as an anchor and producer for a national news network, launched my own independent podcast, and worked on commercial content.

    Through my time at University, I was able to gain experience in all roles relating to film and television, especially producing, editing, and presenting. I was able to utilize the television studio in order to produce student-led sitcoms, dramas, game shows, and live musical performances.


     I am interested in the role that media plays in education and learning. All media has the potential to inspire, provoke, and elicit feelings of connection.  My mission is to elevate people through film and bring others to a higher sense of awareness by utilizing the strongest forms of media and communication. I want to educate through entertainment and grow toward a deeper sense of connection.


Fairymount Productions:


      In August of 2021, Fairymount Productions launched as a way to continue making client driven content.


   Fairymount curated creative product placement and use of logos and effects, in order to produce high quality branded content for four different drumming companies (Drumzi, Sabian, Evans, and Vic Firth).

Fairymount Productions, 2021 LLC.